“Achieve a level of instantaneous communication connecting your staff to
the appropriate information in order to effectively manage any critical event.”

Simple, Smart… Surycat

Surycat is a hardware/software solution which allows previously incompatible systems to communicate with one another. For example, a hospital’s nurse call alert can now go directly to a nurse’s smartphone, rather than being routed through a receptionist. This frees up resources and speeds information to those who can act on it.

Connectivity: Surycat allows you to direct data from any source to any recipient, via just about any digital medium… Temperature readings from a thermostat, fire or smoke alarms, door open alerts even barcode scans can be converted into email, text messages, RSS and more. If you’ve got data, Surycat can move it to the right people via proprietary systems, the internet, cell or landline.

Logic: Surycat allows you to use logic rules to decide where the data goes. Using the nurse call example, one press goes to the nearest patient care tech; two alerts within ten seconds goes to the nurse on duty; and if the patient is holding down the button continuously, nurse manager, nurse and care tech all get the message. Surycat allows you to use the content of the data to determine the recipient. Surycat makes “dumb” systems smarter.

Surycat adds logic and connectivity to existing systems, making alert and notification processes more efficient, reducing delays and improving response. Profitability is maximized with the highest performance of existing systems by linking them up with the communications devices used throughout your organization. Regardless of where the critical staff is located or the type of mobile device that is carried, every person receives the appropriate information, through clear messages, to resolve the situation in the most efficient manner.

Surycat allows you to automate the prioritization and communication of information according to the needs of your organization. So your people can make smarter decisions faster…

“By simplifying the process of communication, the job is also simplified; not only during daily events but also in critical or special situations”

healthcare hospital data communicationsHEALTHCARE
Integrating the many dissimilar systems within the healthcare environment is accomplished through the implementation of the Surycat platform.  Everything from nurse call systems to security and telephone systems can be made to work together, bringing greater efficiency, and patient satisfaction to your operation. More…
manufacturing and industrial business communicationsINDUSTRIAL
Quantum Waves helps you maximize business process efficiency. Virtually any device or system which produces data can be made to interface with any other device or system. So your systems can “talk” to each other, eliminating “people-as-middleware” and increasing automation.  More…
government data communicationGOVERNMENT
Government operations utilize the Surycat platform to monitor and respond faster, reducing downtime and cost. The Surycat Application Server encourages municipalities to aggregate, analyze, process and distribute actionable information from a wide variety of sensors. More…
travel and tourism data communicationsHOSPITALITY
Whether you are responsible for day to day operations or managing an evacuation at a large downtown hotel, automated communications management can ensure you respond faster and more effectively. You and your staff will no longer suffer from an information shortage. You can reduce the elements of those processes that affect your ability to eliminate downtime while improving customer satisfaction. More…